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An App That Connects You To Your Support Team, So You Can Achieve Your Goals & Get Your Independence Back

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Track Progress Easily

Stay on top of your rehab goals with our structured framework, guiding you on each step.

Stay Connected

Effortlessly connect with your team of therapists, carers, and family to share your achievements.

Regain Your Independence

More than a rehab management app, PrepareMe helps you reclaim your independence step by step.

Take Control.
Achieve Your Goals.
Regain Independence.

Fifteen years ago, a horrific car accident turned my life upside down, leaving me with a brain injury and stripping away my independence. I struggled with maintaining my rehab management in between visits with my support team.

I desperately wanted to regain my independence, I needed something that could help set small, achievable goals to keep me on track.

Through my journey, I have met many people going through a similar process, all striving for the same goal: reclaiming their independence and ultimately a semblance of their lives back.

This experience led me to develop PrepareMe, an app designed to put patients in control of their rehab.

PrepareMe facilitates a collaborative approach to your rehabilitation, enabling communication, storing essential information, and providing a framework for achieving your rehab goals.

I want others in similar situations to feel just as empowered as I do from my experience of using the app.

Start taking control and achieving your goals to reclaim your independence.

"It's taken time, but PrepareMe has helped me take control of the steps I needed to regain my independence. Without it, my recovery journey would have been even longer and more challenging. It truly helped "PrepareMe" for life beyond my injury."

Katherine Varley – Founder

Take the first step in your recovery journey.

Prepare To Reach Your Goals

With manageable and personalised steps along the way

Tailor your goals to both rehab and personal aspirations

Break down goals into easy, actionable steps

Plan your journey collaboratively with your support team

Discover how to set and reach your goals with our resources

Prepare To Live Your Life

Enabling you to organise your life so you can start to take back control

Stay on top of appointments, milestones, and notes effortlessly

Access your information anytime, anywhere across devices

Share updates with your team at the touch of a button

Enjoy a simple, intuitive design that makes life easier

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How To Get Started

Download The App And Get Started

PrepareMe is available on both the Apple App & Google Play Stay. Download the app and sign up for your account to get started.

Regain Independence

Work with your support team to set achievable goals and outline the simple steps you need total to achieve them.

Celebrate Each Step Of Your Recovery

Share milestones with your team as you reclaim your independence and achieve your goals.

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